That's how we can help
Your Business:
That's how
we can help
Your Business:
if you need more sales - you are in the right place
if you need more sales,
you are in the right place

What we are going to do for you:

What we are going to do for you:

Bring more sales at no cost* 

WE WILL NOT do social media management for you.
We will not charge you for anything to say 'this is a long term game and you need to wait for results'.
We design campaigns for our clients so they usual getting new customers at the same week yet.  
We always bring so much more revenue to our clients, so our fee shouldn't be any cost for you.

Analyse your business

To find were you business stands at this moment and what are the ways to bring you more clients. 

Set the best campaign

Choose and set the best possible campaign to bring you, new clients, immediately.   

Corrections to the campaigns along the way

Analysing data from running campaigns and correct along the way to get even better results. 

Set up new websites if necessary

Standard old school website doesn't work anymore. To have great results in sales we may need to set additional websites for you (you will keep old one up and running) to ensure they are designed to push people to buy your products or services (not only display the information).
It doesn't matter if you offering services or physical products. You need someone who pushes people through the process,
no matter if your goal is to get the people on the phone, send your request or buy on the spot. In today's world you don't need Ai business card distributor, neither Ai cashier on your on-line store, if you like to make a sales you need Ai Sellers, who going to stand on-line for you, find potential buyers, bring them to your offer, push to buy, then instead of sending confirmation - upsell them more based in their needs. 
...and we can set the whole system for you. 

Full Automation

If you are selling services, ie. a Mortgage Broker, you know how crucial is to call the leads ASAP. In today's world, if someone applies on your website and you call them two days later, they very likely don't even remember that they applied or they will be served by someone else already.
Calling them after a few hours is not good either. The easiest way to convert sales is to call them right away and this is where our automated systems having a place. You are getting SMS right on the time when people apply, so you can call them when they are super hot yet. It is so much easier to convert. Also, they will be impressed by your service. At the same time, you will get an email with more information ie. what specific mortgage they are looking for. And you will get access to CRM system where client details will be load in for you to follow up with them, set appointments etc all by simple clicks. 


We are not interested in pushing for a one-off sale, but looking for partners to work with for the long term.
But we DO NOT tide you to any lengthy contract, you can cancel any time.
Our services will continue purely on your satisfaction, so we will do everything possible to bring more sales to you every month so you stay with us for the long term. 

How much does it cost?

We have done everything possible to make sure any business can effort our services and be able to expand. 
Please click on the 'Next Step' at the bottom of this page to see if we can help you and how much will that cost.
You need to have a budget in place for ad spend on facebook/google. We can discuss how aggressive you like to be with your campaigns, how many new clients you can handle, but in most of the cases, we are talking about £5-£15/day (we will not charge this, but the platforms themself and they charge after the ads have been displayed, not before).

We just re-opened to new clients this month, but have only a few new spots available.
"My business has changed overnight. I don't spend any time now to find new mortgage clients, as they apply to me every single day. All I have to do is deal with them and convert sales. Ai Sellers are providing Excellent Service"
Lukas Lukaszewski, Mortgage and Protection Adviser Cemap
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